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Let’s celebrate Earth Day April 22 with a genuine commitment to send heart-focused waves of love, compassion and cooperation for each other, Earth and nature to honor and appreciate our beautiful planet.
Scientific research has confirmed what most of us feel – that we are deeply interconnected with nature and Earth. Our heart and brain rhythms are influenced by Earth’s rhythms and magnetic fields.
By increasing our love, kindness and cooperation with each other, we will do much to bridge our coherent alignment with Earth and nature. When we increase our love, it raises our vibration which increases our harmonious interaction with Earth and each other.
Earth and nature are waiting for us to wake up and realize that working in harmony with others is the solution to our environmental challenges.
watch this 2 minute video on HeartMath.…/appreciating-and…/
Everything that is living needs our heart’s care. Including Earth. While viewing the video, we invite you to send a few moments of genuine love and care to our planet – our home.

AUGUST : date to be announced – Seeds and propagating event. New heritage and heirloom seed sharing initiative: Kerryn and Antia would like to invite CCG Plot holders and members to a seed sharing event at the community gardens. Date will be posted on our Facebook page. With this event, we can propagate some plants to donate to the Church for their sale in November to raise money for costs and upkeep.

A Spring event – M.A.G.I.C. ! Our events Manager Vyi and her Multi Cultural Group have offered to create wonderful meals using food from the community garden and sell to raise much needed funds for CCG. Date to be announced July 2021. Watch our facebook Group page for updates.
We are located at 61 Soho St Cooma NSW
The Garden is located behind the hedge.

Welcome to 2021 new updates!

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5/4/2021 A note from our Treasurer: For current Members, or those who wish to become Members.
As CCG has been in abeyance for over 12 months, and we have no formal structure now, and there are some new Members. We need to meet as soon as possible to plan the structure of CCG and the roles and protocols that will apply from now on, so that we all understand them and can work independently on our own plots, and for the benefit of CCG as a whole. 
10 am on Saturday 10 April – meet and discuss our thoughts as to the future of CCG. New Members, or those re-joining, will be asked to pay Membership Fees in 2021. 
Best wishes, Maria – Treasurer.

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ccg 2nd spet 17.jpgOn Saturday 2nd September 2017 over 20 people had heaps of fun planting seeds in old seedling containers, egg cartons, toilet rolls and other innovative designs made from old newspaper.  Thanks to everyone who came along and planted broccoli, beetroot, cucumber, cabbage, lettuce, herbs, pak choy, bok choy and more! 

The Uniting Church Cooma are the generous hosts of the Cooma Community GardenEach Year the Church Spring Fete invites the Garden members to have a stall selling vegie seedlings, bric-a-brac, books, produce and preserves.

This is a terrific event every year and a great place to pick up seedlings for spring or indoor plants or come along and enjoy a cuppa, BBQ and more! Look for our next date on our Facebook page.

Photos from the 2016 Fete:

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